Chute Fire Compliance Refurbishment Works

Refuse and Laundry chutes are subjected to heavy usage, and parts do deteriorate with time.  Do you know if every single part of your chute has the integrity to withstand a fire and give you the time to get everyone to safety? Are you concerned that your concrete chute system may contain asbestos?

We see first-hand how chute parts deteriorate.  During our fire compliance inspections, we commonly see access doors, fire shutters, fire dampers or electrical interlock systems compromising the integrity of the whole chute system.

Laundry Chute Fire Certification compliance specialist

Refurbish or replace?

In many cases, we can simply remove the defective part and replace them with fire compliant products. If the integrity of the whole system is compromised, we can replace the entire chute system, changing the concrete chute to a 1.5mm or 2mm thick steel system, fabricated in the UK, to conform to all relevant British Standards.


Integrated chute systems

This high-performance, heavy-duty independently tested 4-hour Chute Fire Safe Protection System has been undertaken to BS476: Part 22: 1987 and has a 24-month warranty.  Each system is fabricated specifically to the requirements of each chute in order to meet the requirements of the latest British Standards.

Every chute requires independently tested fire rated access doors.  At Chute Fire Certification UK®, we offer 5 different hopper doorsets – certified to a 2.5 hour fire rating (BS476: Part 22: 1987) to suit different chute diameters. We can also provide bespoke hopper doorsets if required and we manufacture these doorsets here in the UK.  In addition to meeting British Standards, they are smoke resistant, fire resistant, vandal proof, flush fitting, self-closing and powder coated RAL7024 Ripple Grey.


Trusted seal systems

We are proud to use the Pyroplex Intumescent Strip Seal System within each of our hopper doorsets.  Pyroplex are specialists in passive fire-protection products and are at the forefront of technical innovation – supplying many tested and certified components to the construction industry worldwide.

We know that compartmentalising and sealing chutes remains critical in preventing a fire from spreading.  In order to support this strategy, we use QSS QuelStop CE Marked Intumescent Acoustic Acrylic Sealant by Quelfire which provides up to 4 hour fire rating.  This independently tested sealant maintains sufficient compression around the doorset to ensure a seal, should a fire occur.


Laundry chute systems

To complete our suite of fire rated doorsets, we offer 1-hour fire tested Laundry Chute access doorsets undertaken to BS476: Part 22: 1987 by Warrington Fire.  Manufactured to order, these surface mounted Laundry Chute doorsets are powder coated RAL9010 Matt have a flush lock and are able to incorporate an electrical interlock system ensuring only one doorset can be opened at any one time.


How we work with you

One of the first and most important points we will to discuss with you is the site fire plan.   How much time you need to get your residents evacuated and allow the emergency services the opportunity to minimise damage to the building?  Once this is established, we can offer several different chute options tailored to each building and fire plan, all tested and Certified to British and European Standards.

This is followed by a survey and fire inspection of the chute with one of our experienced Certified Fire Technicians and Qualified Chute Engineers.  They will determine what chute refurbishment works are required and need to be completed in order for the Chute to be fire safe and compliant. If we can repair access doorsets and fire plates/dampers we will make that recommendation, otherwise we will recommend replacing parts.


Value we bring

By only replacing the defective chute part, Chute Fire Certification UK® is committed to providing exceptional value to its customers. Our Engineers and Technicians are fully certified to ensure we keep high standards at affordable prices. We work on a project-by-project basis, or within a flexible, multi-year commercial framework.

What difference would it make, knowing that your guests and residents can safely evacuate if there was a fire in your refuse or laundry chute?

Our Chute systems offer a 4 hour Fire Rate and Certified and available to the specific requirements of the site application.

Upon the completion of the remedial works a Chute Certification & Commissioning Report will be produced for the Chute by a Certified Fire Technician. This will provide peace of mind that each Chute is Fire Safe and has been maintained in accordance with the latest fire legislation. This report will be provided free of charge as part of our ongoing commitment to Fire Safety.

Chute Fire Certification UK® will endeavour to provide all the elements of exceptional Account Management & Project Management. To ensure that the highest level of service is offered and maintained, Chute Fire Certification will assign a Director to manage the account who will be available 24/7.

Related Services

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We test and inspect all aspects of the chute to British Standards, including smoke seals, hopper doors, exit section and fire plates/dampers; in addition to checking the bin room is safe from arson. Upon successful completion, the refuse chute will be certified Fire Safe according to the latest fire legislation.

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In order to provide certification to British Standards, we inspect the laundry chute doors, interlocking failsafe system, smoke seals, fire plates/dampers, exit section and the laundry room to check for ignition sources. We also provide a 24/7 Call Out service for the interlocking failsafe system.