Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment is an organised and systematic examination of your premises and business, including the activities undertaken, potential ignition sources, associated fire loads, fire precautions and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to people in and around the premises.


We carry out Fire Risk Assessments based on PAS 79 Methodology when our clients need that fresh pair of eyes, or don’t have the time or skilled resources to carry it out themselves. Our clients include a broad range of commercial landlords, offices, warehouses, residential buildings including hotels, HMO's, blocks of flats and other estate management companies.

UK law requires virtually all business premises to carry out a regular Fire Risk Assessment, and it must be carried out by competent person with the skills to do so. Our network of Certified Fire Technicians cover the length and breadth of the UK, and have gained skills, knowledge and experience in this field. Chute Fire Certification UK® maintains the highest recognised standards in the industry, in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire) Safety Order 2005, as well as committing to a programme of Continuous Professional Development.

We are Affiliate Members of the IFSM, Members of the Fire Protection Association and Accredited Contractor with CHAS. And due to the thorough nature of these annual inspections, we can also offer Fire Technicians with full DBS clearance to give residents, staff and guests full peace of mind.

What we do


  • Non-invasive inspection of your business premises
  • Review of the procedures in place to ensure that staff/residents/customers know what to do in the case of fire
  • Ensure that the business complies with Fire Risk Assessment legislation
  • Identify areas or issues that would compromise the safety of the building occupants
  • Recommend any further testing or engineering work that may be required
  • Final report detailing our findings and recommendations


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Thousands of fire dampers are situated within the fire walls of office buildings, care homes, hotels and apartment blocks. But like all such systems – fitted incorrectly, moved during a retrofit, or simply not properly maintained, they can fail to prevent fire spreading quickly throughout the building.

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In order to provide certification to British Standards, we inspect the laundry chute doors, interlocking failsafe system, smoke seals, fire plates/dampers, exit section and the laundry room to check for ignition sources. We also provide a 24/7 Call Out service for the interlocking failsafe system.