After months of design, testing and trials, we are delighted to announce our most recent product in a line of chute innovations. The Laundry Chute Electrical Interlock System has a full 60 minute fire lock and is designed for chutes on multiple floors. This new product builds on the high quality and integrity of all of our integrated chute systems that are designed and manufactured here in the UK. Each of our systems complies to all current regulations and legislation. This adds another layer of safety for hotels as they are assured that only their staff can access the laundry chute with this new electronic door system.

Avene Furness, Director of Chute Fire Certification UK, explains “As members of the Fire Protection Association, we have access to the latest research and technology in passive fire systems. We use this in the design of all of our systems, ensuring that the new Laundry Chute Electrical Interlock System automatically locks in the event of fire, providing you with peace of mind and a stylish, premium appearance for your corridors.”

New Laundry Chute Electrical Interlock System